Our General Business Consulting skills range from developing and designing a Business Plan through Production Performance Optimisation to Revenue Growth and Cost Management. Alderfield consultants employ a wide range of tools and techniques, in partnership with your senior team, to help you to identify ways to move your business forward.

Business Strategy & Planning

Developing a clear view of where you want your organisation to go and having a plan to get there has numerous benefits - if you need additional investment this may well be a pre-requisite. Providing clear direction for your staff is a cornerstone of your leadership and underpins staff morale. Alderfield can help you throughout the strategy and planning process.

Performance Analysis & Optimisation

The processes and procedures that your business follows every day for the creation and delivery of your products and services may have been developed and tweaked over time. If there are opportunities to streamline processes and make your organisation more efficient Alderfield can help you to identify and implement improvements.

Revenue Growth

Most organisations are looking for opportunities to grow their business. Alderfield are here to help you identify ways that you can grow revenues through approaches such as more effective Marketing, better conversion rates of prospective customers or better utilisation of production capacity etc.

Cost Management

With the pressures of day-to-day business it can be tricky to get a good handle on the costs associated with delivery of your products and services. Alderfield can help you to track and categorise costs to help with critical decisions.

Organisational Management

As your business changes to meet new challenges this can have a significant impact upon your staff. Alderfield consultants can help you to plan and manage this change process more effectively.

Project Management

Guaranteeing success in even small and medium sized projects can be extremely difficult. Setting definitive targets and implementing a monitoring and control structure are ways to improve this, Alderfield consultants can help you to develop and implement the right governance structure for your organisation.

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