Your IT solutions need to fit your business today and in the future. At Alderfield we provide a range of services and solutions to help you design, implement, operate and refresh your IT environment to ensure you are getting the best value aligned directly to your business goals. Our wealth of Project & Programme Management expertise will also ensure you stay in control throughout the delivery of any change.

IT Strategy & Architecture

Developing a clear vision of what your IT environment needs to look like can be a daunting challenge. Alderfield can help you through this process and our consultants have the expertise to help you develop the right strategy and architecture to get you there.

IT Service Management

Getting the levels of service your business needs from your IT service provider (whether internal or external) can be difficult. Alderfield can help you to get the best results through a structured approach to IT Service Management that gives you the control you need over your IT services.

Sourcing Strategy & Planning

Having the right IT suppliers and service providers can really help to make your IT work for your business. Alderfield consultants can help you to develop your strategy and plans to source your IT.

Project & Programme Management

IT Projects are notoriously difficult to deliver on time and budget. Alderfield can help you to put structure and processes in place to give your organisation much better control of project and programme delivery.

IT Capital Refresh Programme

Regular and planned replacement of older IT equipment and systems can significantly reduce the IT failures which critically impact business performance. Better planning of the refresh cycle also helps with financial management. Alderfield can help you develop a refresh cycle and align with overall IT and Business Strategy.

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